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Wierd and Wacky Performance

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Hi,For some reason I installed FS2002 just to see how it would run the 737NG PMDG and it ran horrible compared to FS9. When in FS9 and locked on 20fps, I get 20 fps usually. Yet, if locked on 20 with FS2002, I get 13fps. Why? I'm runnning a:Gateway 2.26GHz, 80 GB Hard Drive, 768mb DDRAM, Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb.I'm looking to upgrade my computer to run top notch performance in FS9. If someone can help me out in purchasing what I need, please do so. You won't regret it. Thanks,ChanseP.S. Feel free to email me or give me your email so I can contact you further for help in the future, regarding computer upgrades. My email is

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I just upgraded my machine. I build a lot of machines for freinds etc.I used the Athlon64-3400 on an MSI Neo fsr2 motherboard. I purchased 1 gig of Corsair TwinX llp (low latency). Best machine I'v ever seen!I get 50 FPS with traffic etc. set to max, at any airport. I had it set to 60 and it would drop to 50 once in a while so I locked in at 50.If you have a good case and PSU you can buy a bundle from Monarch Computer or Egghead, either one will set the cpu/mobo/memmory up and test it before they ship it to you. The above components cost me $850.00.I had allready added an Antec 430 watt True Power PSU for $60.00 and the ATI 9800 pro., for $229.00 from Egghead.I had an Antec 6 bay server case on hand. a year ago I ordered 10 of those cases and they sent me an extra, I called to ship it back, they said "Well you got a deal, keep it, dont worry about it"?So I didn't!It's a simple deal to screw the works into a case etc. If you can fly using PMDG's FMC, you can run a screw driver, just take your time, go on AMD's or intels website and download the guides for assembling a machine.Good luck.Regards

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