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Guest Exu

800/900 bounce on landing

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Guest Exu

Hi;I'm having problems when landing the new 8/900 NGs.Here are the full details:Delta Airlines livery 800 in 2D only, RW 6L, CYUL. In load manager I have 5 PAX in first class, 68 in coach, 10397 pounds in forward cargo, 9955 pounds in aft, for a ZFW of 124792 pounds. About 15 miles from runway, FMC calculates vref at 146 for 30 flaps, with a GW of 139.6 thousand pounds. I set everything up for a full Autoland, dual channel Cat III landing. MCP speed is set to 151, spoilers armed, autobrakes set at 2, the aircraft flares like it should, but when I touch down, I bounce back up to finally come down again. Tried the same flight but setup for 40 flaps and still bounce.Then I tried with a 600 and I don't bounce. Can somebody help me, am I doing somthing wrong?WINXP Pro SP1a, FS2004 with FSGenesis Canada Mesh, and Lanclass, Active Sky 2004, FSUIPC registered, AI traffic set to 70%, FPS 29.8 (locked at 30) at time of landing, winds calm.Please Help :-zhelpThanksEric St-LouisP4 3.0Ghz, 1GB ram, ATI 9800 pro (cat 4.4)

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