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Guest filip146

Double bounces on Touchdown -- Spoilers ... RELATED?

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Guest filip146

Hi all,I think the spoiler issue and the double bounces during landing with the -800 / -900 series are related.When you touchdown (during Autoland) and the spoilers do NOT extend, there is still LIFT and the aircraft wants to get airborne again. But right after touch down you disconnect the A/P and you pitch down to lower the nose wheel ... second "landing"...as a result. So I think the Spoilers / Speed brakes is the problem here.Although armed, they do not deploy. Strange thing is: when you arm them (not with keyboard = not working) the light "Armed" illuminates. When you then press the / (or whatever key you need to press to deploy them manually) you can put them in the down position, but the "Armed" light remains illuminated.....What do you PMDG pilots think? PMDG please help. If you guys need more info, let me know.Filip.

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