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Guest Zapper

Tutorial Chats and TeamSpeak

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Guest Zapper

For all my Tutorials please go to:http://www.teamspeak.organd download the Voice Client so that we can talk whilst flying and so on. This is much faster and easier for everyone. Do not worry if your English is not good as we will also use teh text chats as wellbut it is good that you at leasthear what I am saying as much time can be saved when I am talking people through FMC and MCP setup etc.Once you have TS2 installed please ensure you are using a Press to Talk Key. This is set via the Settings/Sound Input selection. I recommend you use the Scroll Lock key for this.Also please ensure your name is set under Settings/Options/Other tab and use your real name so that I know who I am talking to.The Teampspeak2 Server we use is at: is also accessible by going to the Teampspeak website and clicking on Public Server 2 listed on the right hand side of the webpage. Doing this will open TS2 for you and connect you to the server automatically, you then just join the 737 Tutorial channel as outlined below.For future use you just add this as a Server in the 'Teamspeak Connect' area. Server Address is: connected to the server look for the 737_Tutorial channel and the password is:boeingPlease do a test of your setup to make sure it all works as it takes some time to get everyone up to speed.Also we will have an IRC Chat running on:irc.avsim.netand the channel name will be#737_Tutorial and password will be:boeingThis is easier than MSN chat but we will also continue to use MSN chat for the time being.My MSN is Super_Maggot_737_800@hotmail.comPlease add me to your list.Tks,

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