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Keyboard mapping application

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Folks,Version 2 of the small keyboard mapping application is now available in the file archives. As with the original application, this app will let you assign a single keystroke to be mapped to a keystroke sent to any application - useful for using hacked keyboards with home built cockpits, or in cases where you have multiple apps running on a single PC, but dont want to have to alt-tab between them before pressing some keys to make them respond.Version 2 allows key-sequences to be assigned to a single key press - so for example, the key sequence "ABC" that must be sent to App1 can now be triggered by pressing (say) just the "a" key.In addition, these key sequences can be triggered from a joystick button. I am using this to send the transmit code to RogerWilco from a joystick button. Actually, the app will allow you to monitor any windows message, and use it to trigger the key sequence (as such, it is possible in principle to monitor any app for any event and start some new sequence of events based on it.)Where is this all going? Well, I'm trying to build a framework onto which custom modules can be grafted. This will allow you to build additional functionality into your cockpit. Here's an example: One of the things I want is a realistic engine start sequence. So, using my event framework, I have a module that traps the engine-start switch. This then runs some custom code that allows all the pertinent checks and systems to be run (do we have hydraulics, bleed etc). If so, this module will send the appropriate message to FS.Anyway, enough ranting - the app is available, its pretty flexible, so feel free to play with it. Comments always welcome. And remember, this app has uses even if you're not building a full-blown cockpit.RegardsDave T

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