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Guest pagotan

failure and consequences

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Guest pagotan

Hi,I came accross an interesting discussion the other day about Fail operational-system and Fail passive-system on the 737NG. This gave me the idea to try to build a short manual with a couple of guided flights for those interested to practice system failures situations. However before I can finalize the manuals I need someone (Randy are you there?) to enlighten me about a couple of things available (or not) on the PMDG. The available manuals are vague on the subject to say the least.We assume that what makes the NG fail passive or fail operational is the combination of one or more event happening in the configuration of the flight controls, electrical systems and hydraulic systems. I am not sure the autopilot redundancy in autoland situation can affect the failure status (can some one confirm?).Usually in a fail passive system situation the autolanding is aborted and the pilot takes controls. Question: in the PMDG is there an abort situation warning / disconnection possibility and if yes what are the parameters taken into consideration by the system logic for the abort limits.Second question is related to the Fail operational system. In that case if it happens below the alert height the autolanding will not be aborted. If above alert height it then behaves like a fail passive system. Now, how can an alert height be entered in the PMDG in a way that it will be understood as the decision limit for fail operational or fail passive system?Michael

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