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Guest _sebastian_

Wing views and high FPS without Active Camera

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Guest _sebastian_

I have made some changes in the panel.CFG file, so that it is possible to have wing view and engine view by pressing numpad 4/1 and 6/3 or by using the HAT switch. Images below.---THE MAGIC NUMBERSOpen panel.CFG (with notepad) in the fs9AircraftPMDG737-800panel.VC folder and insert the following lines in the [VIEWS] section:VIEW_example1_WINDOWS=## // RIGHT ENGINE VIEWVIEW_example1_DIR=10.00, 0.00, 136 VIEW_example1_EYE=2.75, -0.25, -10.00VIEW_example2_WINDOWS=## // RIGHT WING VIEW VIEW_example2_DIR=0.00, 0.00, 105 VIEW_example2_EYE=2.45, -0.25, -19.10 VIEW_example3_WINDOWS=## // LEFT WING VIEW VIEW_example3_DIR=0.00, 0.00, 255 VIEW_example3_EYE=-0.45, -0.25, -19.10 VIEW_example4_WINDOWS=## // LEFT ENGINE VIEW VIEW_example4_DIR=10.00, 0.00, 224 VIEW_example4_EYE=-0.80, -0.25, -10.00The important thing here is to NOT assign a WINDOWS=## that you already make regular use of in the 2D cockpit, as this will render that view unusable. Don't worry, there are plenty to choose from (unless you are one of those guys that simply cannot do without the rear_upper_left view). I, for example, rarely use the default left, rear_left, right and rear_right view (because I only use the 2D cockpit during T/O and landing). I will therefore gladly trade them in for good engine-/wing views instead. Perhaps you want to trade the down and up view instead of the left/right. Your choice.---AN EXAMPLEMy entire [VIEWS] section looks like this:*****(VIEWS)VIEW_FORWARD_WINDOWS=20,21,22,23,24VIEW_FORWARD_DIR=3.5,0.0,0.0VIEW_FORWARD_RIGHT_WINDOWS=30VIEW_FORWARD_RIGHT_DIR=1.7, 0.0, 45VIEW_RIGHT_WINDOWS=34 // RIGHT ENGINE VIEWVIEW_RIGHT_DIR=10.00, 0.00, 136 VIEW_RIGHT_EYE=2.75, -0.25, -10.00VIEW_REAR_RIGHT_WINDOWS=35 // RIGHT WING VIEW VIEW_REAR_RIGHT_DIR=0.00, 0.00, 105 VIEW_REAR_RIGHT_EYE=2.45, -0.25, -19.10 VIEW_REAR_LEFT_WINDOWS=33 // LEFT WING VIEW VIEW_REAR_LEFT_DIR=0.00, 0.00, 255 VIEW_REAR_LEFT_EYE=-0.45, -0.25, -19.10 VIEW_LEFT_WINDOWS=32 // LEFT ENGINE VIEW VIEW_LEFT_DIR=10.00, 0.00, 224 VIEW_LEFT_EYE=-0.80, -0.25, -10.00VIEW_FORWARD_LEFT_WINDOWS=31VIEW_FORWARD_LEFT_DIR=2.7, 0.0, 315VIEW_REAR_WINDOWS=36VIEW_DOWN_WINDOWS=37VIEW_DOWN_DIR=11.0, 0.0, 0.0VIEW_LEFT_ZOOM=1VIEW_REAR_ZOOM=1VIEW_FORWARD_UP_ZOOM=0.5VIEW_REAR_RIGHT_ZOOM=1VIEW_REAR_LEFT_ZOOM=1*****Whenever I want to look at, say, the right wing I just press numpad 3 in the 2D cockpit. Because the view is activated from within the 2D cockpit the fps is high (no slow-moving back to the passenger windows in the VC). During replay I fix the view from the menu and enjoy a smooth landing!---IMPORTANT ITEMS TO REMEMBER1) You must edit the panel.CFG file in the PMDG737-800 panel.VC folder!2) When loading the aircraft it must be the "Virtual Cockpit & Cabin" type. Otherwise there is no cabin to look out from ;-)3) If you want to fix the view don't press numpad, but go to the menu and choose Views->view options->look back/left (in my example). I prefer to do it this way during replay, instead of holding the HAT.4) The above panel.CFG numbers are only valid for the -800/-900 series (a matter of airframe size).---CAVEATAs always please make a backup of the original panel.CFG :-)Enjoy and Happy New year.Sebastian

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