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Guest JTH

FMC message while starting up

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Guest JTH

Sometimes when starting the up the 744 pax I get the message "Fuel Disagree - Prog 2" on the FMC, often several times. Could anyone tell me what this means? I have a feeling this is something to do with the fact that sometimes I have unsuccesful flights where I have to exit MSFS in the middle of the flight and try again later. When that happens, the FMC starts the new flight still loaded with the route from the old flight!! So this might explain the "Fuel Disagree - Prog 2" error. Is there any way save from compeleting the flight successfully (unfortunately not always possible in my current learner phase) of clearing the FMC so I can start from scratch for a new flight? I am restoring the panal state to cold and dark by the way.Anyway thanks a lot for any help, Paul.P.S. Another quick question. Today when I was taxiing around the airport I got the yellow "brake temp" message on my panal. At what speed can you not safely use the brakes that causes this error to come up? What was strange was that I wasn't even applying the brakes and the message stayed on the panal. Any help with this small issue would also be much appreciated! Thanks.

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