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Guest GW Norris

Need some comparisons, Freighter problems

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Hello Support and anyone willing to provide comparisonsMaybe you've seen my previous post on this problem I'm having with undocking panels in PMDG 744. ( overhead, FMC, ETC. ) normal stuff for two monitors. affects all my aircraft when the 744F is installed. Affects even the default fs9 aircraft, but only if I select and load the PMDG 744 first. With just the Queen PAX installed which I've had from day one, NO PROBLEM. If I select and load any aircraft from default fs9 all the way to include PSS / LevelD / PSS / RFP / SSTSIM then switch to the PMDG then it's fine. Undock panels normally to my other monitor the same as I've been doing for the past 5 yrs. But if I select and load PMDG 744 first then it won't on it or none of my other aircraft as well.This problem dosen't happen with just the PAX installed, It's only after I load the Freighter that the problem arises.I have uninstalled both aircraft and tested extensively after each install and It's only after installing the freighter that the problem happens.I have noticed that with just the PAX version installed that when the panel loads and the Primary displays ( ADI, ND, EICAS ) light up that the ND is rock steady on the rwy hdg for the rwy I'm loading onto. However after I install the Freighter, when I load up either the PAX or Freighter, when the primary displays light up that the ND display compass is spinning rapidly for 3 to 4 seconds before settling to the rwy heading. I need some of you guys to give yours a try and tell me if yours is spinning on load up or if it's rock steady when it becomes active.That is the only thing I can see that is obvious to me that is different after I install the freighter. The PAX dosen't do that and never did when It was installed by itself. It seems kinda coincidental that my panels undock and move to my other monitor fine on all aircraft including the 744PAX untill installing the Freighter.Yes I've uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times ( both versions ) with fresh downloads of both. Yes I've checked and rechecked all PMDG options menu Items. I've done everything I can think of to isolate and troubleshoot this problem.Need some comparisons so maybe PMDG programmers can help me figure this out. It's definitely a freighter induced problem.Haven't changed video drivers or any hardware. DirectX ver. 9.0c.Never had these problems till installing the FreighterPlease help Guys if you can

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Another note to PMDG support and anyone with any IdeasOne other variable that I thought of When I originally installed the 744 Pax in august and thru all the updates I never changed my PFD /ND option from it's default CRT in the options menu. Always kept it on CRT.After installing the freighter which is defaulted to LCD and can not be changed to CRT ( at least mine can't, greyed out when the freighter is loaded ). I always kept the PAX on CRT where it has always been. I thought that might be the cause so I changed it over to LCD while in the PAX, then exited the sim and reentered the sim to see if that cured it and it didn't. Panels still wouldn't undock in either the PAX or the freighter.So I uninstalled both aircraft and reinstalled just the 744 PAX and am now back to everything working normal like always, and it dosen't matter whether I set the PFD to CRT or LCD, the panels undock fine like they always have. and also the ND is rock steady with no spinning on load up like it did with the Freighter installed. My point to support is this. Do you think that by having the 744PAX PFD option set to CRT at the time when installing the Freighter could mess up the gauge initialization in both versions, hence the spinning ND compass, in turn affecting the ability to undock other panels to another monitor. I can undock them and leave them on the same nmonitor fine, but as soon as I move them to the second monitor the mouse hourglass flickers rapidly and won't quit.But with just the Pax installed it dosen't act that way and never did.Just some more food for thought. Maybe someone out there who uses dual monitors and remembers what their PFD/ND option was set at prior to installing the freighter can reply to how their's is behaving.

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