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If you're not on an IFR flightplan in class G airspace,

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I'm sure most of you read this board also, here's a part of the post, i'm confused about this. If you're not on an IFR flightplan in class G airspace, doesn't that make you VFR? Nope. There are Visual Flight Rules, and Instrument Flight Rules, you may choose one or the other. Only in Class A airspace are you not allowed to choose. 91.151 through 91.159 are the Visual Flight Rules. If you choose to fly by these rules, you are VFR. 91.167 through 91.193 are the Instrumant Flight Rules. If you choose to fly by those rules, you are IFR. The Instrumant Flight Rules recognize IFR flight in Class G airspace. 91.179 (:( specifies cruising altitudes for IFR flight in uncontrolled airspace (class G) There is no requirement for an IFR flightplan or an IFR clearence in Class G airspace, only in controlled airspace. Scenario: Koyuk, Alaska and Buckland, Alaska are both in Class G airspace. The airspace between them is class G below 14,500 ft MSL. They both have published approaches and departure procedures. It is entirely legal to depart Koyuk, fly the departure procedure, proceed to Buckland, and execute an instrument approach. All in the clouds. You don't need a flight plan, and you don't need a clearance. As FLX757 pointed out, you do have to comply with the requirements of the Instrumant Flight Rules regarding equipment, currency, cruising altitudes, and such, but as long as you comply with these, it's legal.

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