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Sound loss after PMDG livery install

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Really need some help on this problem similar to a PMDG problem i had a couple of years ago.I have just had a new system built and after installing FS9, 9.1, Ultimate Traffic, PMDG737NG,737-800/900, 800/900-SERVICE U/D-1, &GE Pro in that order, i downloaded from PMDG & Installed, American A. L., Air Can. & Continental A. L. Liveries.On attempting to start FS9, i could only get an error message from MS asking if i wished to report this error to them. In other words - no FS9. The only way to start FS9 was to uninstall (Using PMDG Removal Tool)This allowed me to start FS9. However after this i had engine sounds but absolutely no ATC or PILOT sounds & when entering the settings, there was no pilots voice options available. The drop-down list was empty.Any help on this one would be really appreciated because i am completely stumped (I am not what you would call a pro on computers).The only thing i can think of is the on-board audio of my motherboard.Thanks in advance. Dick.SYSTEM:INTEL PENTIUM D - 3.4GHz DUAL COREINTEL DESKTOP D975XBX2 M.B.GEFORCE7600 GSX16 256MB V.C.WIN. XP SP2 O.S.

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