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PMDG and the CPFlight MIP Board

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Guest kstow26

Captains, Could some please tell me about setting up CP Flight's MIP board and the PMDG software. I have spoke with the CP Flight support and there not telling me much. Does anyone know if PMDG will release drivers for the MIP so all functions are capable without having to use the (799+399EUROS..och :( ) PMsystems and Glass Cockpit for the 737NG software.Thanks for your time. ;)Hers is the email I received from CPFlight about this matter:The MIP board is supported by PM software. About PMDG to use this board you have to use our driver that support not all PMDG functions. This because the driver is not a driver written by PMDG but written by us and so we can use only the FSUIPC offset of PMDG that are available. ( report of PMDG function available on page http://www.cpflight.com/sito/dettagli/mip_pmdg.asp ). This not happens with PM because the communication driver to the MIP is written directly by Enrico Schiratti and for this reasons he make all the MIP function and add always new upgrade is need. remember to use MIP board is required the MCP737 or BLKBOX board."Regards,PaoloCPflight

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