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Guest AJ

Flying the Queen in an FSX environment

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Guest AJ

I have been enjoying the 744X for a couple of days now, and I can only say Wow! Yes there are a few litlte hiccups, but they will all be solved in due time.This is the first complex addon I have tried in FSX, and I must say that it really makes one notice the new features of FSX all over again. I find it is changing that very way I interact with the plane, in small subtle ways. For example, I love being able to smoothly zoom in and out in the VC instead of jumping by set increments. I also likie being able to move back into the upper deck without using any other commercial addons. Another thing that got my attention in this plane more than others, is the head latency feature. It adds to the experience, although it can be a little tricky at times as well. Indeed, when I zoom in to make a quick adjustment to the FMC or MCP, I occasionally mist the buttion of knob I am goign for if we hit a bump, or if we are in a turn. IN fact I even felt a little seasick. At first I found this a little annoying, but then recalled form my own flying experience that it is in fact quite realistic. Changing radio frequencies or dialing in a new altimeter setting in a Cessna can be rather tricky on a turbulent day.Andrew

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