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Guest new york

key board commend & other problems

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Guest new york

i re posted becouse i was in the wrong place and didnot know how to delete the other post /sorry .davidwhen you asigne a key board commend to a cargo aircraft (ups) for exsample all cargo doors n or any other key i try 5 defrant ones no cargo doors will open . the only function thats works is the stairs . the same is for passg aircrafts , onle the doors will work not the cargo doors david .thanks .on this problem your tech support is working now im waiting for a reply : the problem was this : when i start the sim (fsx) then secting an aircraft at pmdg then untill here its good . now after the aircraft loads the panel & the gages loads good but if i do end flight & go to the settings screen then change aircrft type then hit fly the aircraft loads up shows the gages in the panel for 2 sec then disapirs . you dont see nothing in the panel . i have to complitly quite the sim re start and pic now the aircraft i want then its shows ok . in anther word i have always to quit the sim befor going to anther aircraft in order for it to show the gages corectly in the panel why this happening ? how do i fix it ? it dose not realy maters it can be any pmdg or just end the flight and re start it even with the same aircraft i just fly .

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