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Issues for the next MD11 update...

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Guest Totalbeginner

I was wondering if I might point out some issues that could be actioned for the next update.-Improved transition from TOD to profile at high altitude. At present the A/C always ends up above the profile, and then proceeds to pitch down excessively as it enters an "above profile" situation.-A correction to G/S capture when the aircraft is above the glideslope. At the moment, if the localizer is captured while the aircraft is above the glideslope, G/S capture occurs irrespective of deviation and the aircraft dives violently. It makes it very hard to perform a CDA.-There is an error with the electrical sound when EXT power is selected from a cold and dark cockpit. The power comes on-line, but there's no sound. Would it also be possible to have the sound fade in and out, like with the queen?-At a certain weight / speed combination (normally at 180KIAS with flap 15) the aircraft struggles to hold heading in HDG Hold. It rolls left then right then left etc...-If the aircrat is completely powered down, it's not possible to inintialize the IRS. The FMC message "NOT ALLOWED" is displayed. The only way around this is to inhibit GNS then allow GNS. This seems to solve the problem and then Initialize IRS can be selected on the INIT page.Regards,Martin Neep

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