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Multiplayer Problems with PIC...Fixed!

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Hi Everyone,I am posting this just as a reference to those who may have this problem or will have it in the future. I posted two messages in the last couple weeks asking for help with problems that came up on the PIC panel after someone connected via multiplayer. The problem was that all my caution/warning annunciators would illuminate, my FMC wouldn't let me enter new data and it showed the flight plan from my previous flight, even if i completely shut the plane down...and even turned my computer off.I am happy to report that I have figured out what was wrong...it wasn't my panel at all. The problem was in my friends' plane. I don't know why it caused this, but it did. To fix the problem, just have your friend use a different plane. The particualr plane with this problem was a British Airways 747-400, I don't know the exact place he got it from, but if anyone really wants to know, ask me for more info and i will research it further. Justin E.

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