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Guest GeorgeDorkofikis

Help needed for possible 757 candidate

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Guest GeorgeDorkofikis

Hello again.During the past week I tried numerous variations of 757s to match with the PIC panel. It seems that I may have found a good candidate.The aircraft is a bit old. It's from FFG for FS2000, but FFG have released an updated airfile for FS2002. I tried a short flight yesterday without any editing to the airfile apart from the addition of the (Electrical) section from the PIC 763.Overall the 752 flew very well and merged with the PIC panel nicely.I used the Rolls Royce RB211-535E4 flight model rated at 40200Lbs of thrust. Here's a description of a short flight that I did in order to test the a/c, along with my comments.Origin : Thessaloniko Makedonia SKG/LGTSDestination : Heraklion Kazatzakis HER/LGIRZFW : 79T (Used 80.1T in the FMC)Fuel Loaded 14.7T (Too much for this flight, but I wanted to simulate a 2Hrs flight)GW : 94TWeather in LGTS was nice with light winds, clear skies and a temperature of 28C.Got the clearance and taxied to rwy 28 for departure. We were cleared for FL130 initialy and SKP2E departure. I decided that I would hand fly the SID until enroute.Autothrottle was armed, Flight Directors ON, VNAV/LNAV armed. Pretake-off checks complete, flaps 15 take-off.After I got the clearance for take-off, I lined up, reved the engined to 60% N1 until stabilized and then N1 autothrust was selected.The acceleration was rapid. I reached Vr in no time and gently lifted her off.Gear up... WOW! This bird sure climbs and accelerates very fast!Following the FD bars I easily got 6000Ft/Min and the speed kept increasing rapidly!I could not maintain 250Kts! I was already at 20Degrees nose up and was doing 6000Ft/Min and speed kept increasing!Ok, I know the 752 IS overpowered, but is it THAT much?!Passing FL100, it seemed a lot better. 3500-4000Ft/Min at 296KIAS.Above FL250 rate of climb dropped to 2500Ft/Min until above FL310 where it dropped to 2000Ft/Min. I reached FL390 with 1800Ft/Min at M.80. Level at FL390, I dialled in the new speed of M.82 in the MCP... Got the speed and kept it with approx 73.8-74.2% N1. Sounds normal (Check the picture at the bottom, it was taken on a flight from Gatwick to Athens in 1994 in an Air2000 752 (same engines)).I started my descend just a few miles after KEA VOR. The controller informed me to expect vectors for a visual approach to rwy 27 in Heraklion. Weather was a bit cloudy with winds from 290 at 15 gusting 25Kts.During the vectors she responded nicely to the autopilot commands.When at downwind at 3000Ft I disengaged the autopilot and flew her on hand.She responded quite nicely although a bit sensitive on the roll. Trim was responsive and the approach to Heraklion bumpy! I kept the autothrottle engaged to handle the thrust until below 1000Ft. On the flare the gusts would not let the a/c settle down! That was quite a bumpy landing.Overall I liked the aircraft responce.The aircraft is very overpowered, but the rating in the aircraft.cfg shows the correct thrust (40200Lbs), so the a/c may need a little more drag or a bit less lift scalar to make it more real.There were 2 problems on the panel which Mike T had corrected in the Condinental 752.The Low Oil Pressure lights were illuminated during the whole flight although the Oil pressure was indicating 100.And, the Oil temperature went below zero in the reds above FL310 (!).I really like this plane (I even had it painted in a fictional Olympic Airways scheme back in FS2000).Could someone give me some advise on what I need to correct in the airfile to fix the low oil pressure lights and the freezing oil temperature?If those two and the excessive climb/speed performance are fixed for the lower altitudes, this might be the 757 we were looking for.George DorkofikisAthens, Hellas

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