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FS2002-Blurry Textures-Where is the Scenery SDK to fix

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The Scenery & Terrain SDK's are to assist in scenery development... What makes you think they would contain anything that would resolve issues with blurriness? Nothing's changed since the last time someone came in here expecting the same thing from an SDK. SDK stands for "software development kit", which most users in the forums know. I believe that's why the post went ignored.... Probably left some scratching their heads, and while not as blatant as "where's the patch", IMHO that's pretty much what your thread is asking. Avsim's already made its position known in that regard.....I feel for you, as it sounds like this really bothers you, as it is the topic many of the threads you open. Through a combination of tweaks, realistic fps locking, peer support, or good karma, most of us have gotten past the blurry issue and just enjoy the sim for the sake of flying. Along this topic, see my blurry tip posted on the 18th.... Maybe that will help....

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