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CTD ONLY when connected to SB3/VATSIM Please Help!!

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Hi Everyone,1stly let me apologise for posting this message,you must all be sick of hearing about this by now,and 2ndly,I promise I haven't posted this message 'lightly',I've spent the last 4-5 weeks trying to sort the problem out for myself before bringing it to you guys-have visited numerous forums and read God knows how many posts on the subject,none of which have seemed to help.Now I'm just totally confused and fed up,so I thought I'd bring my problem to the experts!!! To help you so far,I think I've narrowed down the problem to one specific area,I only get CTDs when I'm connected to Squawkbox/VATSIM-doing what I call 'online' flights. FS9 works fine when I'm doing 'offline' flights (still connected to the net for charts e.t.c,but not through Squawkbox) and doesn't CTD at all,but as soon as I connect to Squawkbox the CTDs start.This is where I'm at now:- tried EVERYTHING-updates-patches e.t.c and resorted to drastic measures-a format and a clean install of Windows XP Pro with service pack 2. Installed FS9 (its the latest version 9.1) installed PMDG 737 600-700 and PMDG 737 800-900 (both latest versions),and finally Squawkbox 3. Am STILL getting totally random CTDs-anytime,any place any where,no pattern to them. They occur at any season,any time of day and at ANY point in the flight,even stationary at the gate waiting for clearence.Apart from the 2 planes,I have absolutely no add-ons whatsoever,no scenery,no nothing,just FS9 as it came out of the box with the 2 planes added on. Oh B.T.W FS9 CTD's with the default planes ('online') as well (tried it before i installed the PMDG's).Now,here's the kicker:-Took my computer over to a mates house as he said he wanted to help and may have a few ideas to try,and while I was there,actually managed to totally complete 2 'online' flights in Squawkbox,both from KMEM to KATL-one connected via an ADSL router and the other connected via an ADSL modem-ok guarenteed,there wasn't much traffic around at the time,but I DID complete them,which I've NEVER done before. Took my computer back to my house,did exactly the same flight-yup,you guessed it,CTD 5 mins into the flight. The ONLY differences between flights at my mates house and my house were....different phone line,different I.S.P and different moniter. So this raises 2 points 1:-either the 2 flights at my mates house were SUPREME coincidences or 2:-I'm left with 4 options:-1:-My computer doesn't like the colour of my bedroom (can't you tell I'm clutching at straws here!!!) 2:-Its a telelphone line problem3:-Its an I.S.P problem (I'm with pipex 2MB connection,my mate is with BT 2MB connection).4:-It's a moniter problem (surely not???!!?!?)Just to throw a spanner in the works I called BT and they did a line check....everything was fine,no problems reported,so I'm now back to the I.S.P option.......tell me it CAN'T seriously be a moniter problem??!?!!My sound card (Audigy 2 ZS platinum pro) has an external drive which I didn't take to my mates house.Thinking it was that,I disconnected it-still CTD,I even removed the sound card altogether and used the onboard sound-still CTD.PLEASE PLEASE can someone help me,as my new hobby is being totally spoiled and I'm getting very disheartened with the whole thing. If someone can find a solution to this problem for me,I'll gladly buy their alcohol for the next 24 months!!! I promise you all,I really have tried almost everything I can think of. Thank you in advance to everyone who took the time to read this post and for any advice given.Very Best Wishes,Kimbers.P.S. I'm pretty thick,so could you please make all explanations idiot proof!!! ASUS P5P800 Motherboard.Intel Pentium 4 550 3.2ghz512MB PC 2700 RAMWestern Digital 80GB HDDRadeon 9200 SE graphics card (with latest CATALYST drivers)Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro sound card. (with external drive)AOC 14" LCD TFT moniter.Matshita DVD Rom (Don't laff!!! )Liteon DVD-RW2 8cm Akasa case fans.D-Link DSL-502T ADSL Router.Pipex 2MB Broadband Connection.FS9 (9.1 version)PMDG 737NG 600-700 (latest version)PMDG 737 800-900 (latest version)FSUIPC 3.47 unregistered (came with the PMDG 737 600-700)Squawkbox 3.CH Flightsim Yoke.Windows XP ProfessionalService Pack 2

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