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VATSIM and IVAO cont.....

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I've not 'flown' on either Virtual ATC system for 18 months or so. But I re-registered last week. Flew today from EGSS (London Stansted) to EDDV (Hannover) with IVAO in a 767 (PIC) and later on flew from EDDM (Munich) back to Manchester (EGCC) with VATSIM in a 747 (PSS).Surprise, surprise, not much to pick between controllers in either VATSIM or IVAO - just like 18 months ago! In fact, the 'best' controller, who seemed to say everything 'real world' (ie you could have been listening on ATC on your scaner) was the Hannover controller on IVAO - and he knew all of his local waypoints in memory as well. Of course the VATSIM controllers were still brilliant - and extremely helpful and knowledgeable - hardly anything to compare really. So nothing as far as I can see has really changed that much - apart from more people 'having a go at it' - which is good.In fact, since FS98, the technicalities of SB seem to be much worse in FS2002. No 'docked' TCAS in your 3D window, and 'task switching' back to Windows if you're not careful.Some points from my experience, for what it's worth:1) SB and it's use in FS2002 is still very much on the borderlines of reliability. It's why I 'gave up' on it a couple of years ago. Too many times spending 20 mins or so preparing a flight - only to find yourself with 'unicom' (ie you're on your own) after the first 30 mins of flight.2) I'm fed up with seeing half of Europe (sorry US!) controlled by VATSIM and the other half controlled by IVAO. Can't you 'bang some heads' and give us a whole region we can fly in without making 10mins of horrendous PC changes?

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