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I have been retired from corporate aviation for several years and I am still amazed at the technology for simmers today at what is a fairly reasonable cost.If you have any intentions of flying for a living, do all the simming you can. Learn all you can.I received my type rating in the Gulfstream 2 over ten years ago and I can imagine the improvements in simulators today.I sat down in the left seat of our G-2, first time in a Gulfstream, I had my type rating in my pocket.Spent two hard weeks of training which consisted of 4 to 8 hours of ground school and 2 hours or more of simulator training each day with no time off for weekends. Took my type ride in the simulator.Keep in mind that when I sat down in the left seat at 10PM this was the very first time that I had EVER been in the G-2.Only difference was the 'g' forces on takeoff and climbout and believe me it WAS different. Only had 10,000 lbs of fuel on board, temp was about 35 degrees and was doing 3,000 fpm out of FL330.What a ride. Had been flying a Westwind 1124 for about 10 years before that. You are sitting about 6 ft. off the ground in the Westwind and it sure did make a difference in the view on when to flare in the G-2.I can imagine what it would be like sitting in a 747. In fact the FS 747 does a good job of making you come in higher that what you would consider normal.In the RW if you fly the glideslope 2 dots low you will probably leave your landing gear in the approach lights. All that was required to haul passengers was 3 takeoffs and landings to a full stop.Six munts befur I culdn't spell golfstreem and now I are flyin' wun. :))gramps

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