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Final (i hope) solution for rotary encoders!

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Lurking around i found the definitive solution for using rotary encoders!Especially for those not well accostumed with microcontroller programming, and eletronic engineering.Also useful for those with epic, hangstrom and FSBUS hardware!http://www.lsicsi.com/products_files/body_...ts-encoders.htmThe unit numbered 7083 is the smallest.It produces a pulse on eighter up or down pin, depending on turning direction of the shaft,for every encoder snap.It may also quadruplicate the number of pulses.More complex unit have other options, like 2x (7083 has only 1x or 4x), and other.Have a look.I found them at www.mvr-int.combut the usual digikey and others may have.CiaoClaudio

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