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Problem with FSCARPET Can you help??

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Hello Fellow Pilots,Does anyone else seem to be having "altitude callouts" problem with FSCARPET??I found this program to be an excellent add-on but i seem to be having a problem with the altitude callouts ending after "2500"Here it is.As i am approaching the captain says"2 min to landing".then the callouts begin at "2500" and then "1000".But my problem stops after it calls "2500" and then calls out "10".skipping everything in between.If your familiar with the program i noticed when i checked what "phase" it was on, the "LANDING" was checked off.It seems to "skip" the entire altitude countdown and then proceeds as normal once i retract my flaps after landing.I have downloaded the updates for FSCARPETInstalled FSOM with updatesI am running 2 computers (1 for FS2002)(2nd for Project Magenta)XP PRO on both 13mgz/17mgz 1000DDR/512sdramVery ,Very slow descents..200' to 500' pm (various aircraft)Even reinstalled..(even ran my cockpit with no Project Magenta)Any tips or ideas??? Manfred ,the developer is also looking into my problem.Thanks..James

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