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EPIC+FSBUS+MAX7219 Same interfaces at a time

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Since I have EPIC ISA along with 7-Seg digital display module, 32 bit output module, and of course EPIC Expansion Module. Due to a little problem on $$, I could not be able to get another module from EPIC, instead of that I'd just have to build them myself, and also it'd gain my knowledge and experience into electronic. Anyway, on to the point. To get the true feeling of my cockpit, I would just need multiple 7 segment digit display using MZX7219 or FSBUS methods. Not only that, but to have Servo module running up for the Auto throttle and Auto Yoke. And I am on it now. But before doing this instead of spending my time on work for nothing I would need some feedback for those who have experienced having "FSBUS" or "MAX7219" module same time as EPIC. Would it work? would it cause some confilts? If there is some confilts, would it be better to run on a seprate computer (I have 5 myself for cockpit sim)? What are your suggestion in case if this could cause confilts running on same computer, any relies from you would be much appreicated.

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