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Guest Glenn Weston

Press-n-peel Tips

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Guest Glenn Weston

I just wanted to pass on a tip using press-n-peel iron on transfers for circuit board etching that seemed to work a bit better for me as I was getting some undesirable results going by the instructions in the pack.After doing some hunting around on the web I found that different laser printers use different toners that have varying melting temperatures, so you will have to experiment a little depending on the printer you are using.I am using a HP Laserjet 6P with original HP toners & I found that if I use a high temperature on the Iron, my setting was on cotton ( Gee's I'm starten to sound like an old woman) Make sure the copper is rubbed back nice & clean, I used very fine grade sand paper under running water, then place the blue paper onto the board & then a T-Shirt on top of that, Iron across the board nice & evenly with descent pressure for about 1 Minute, I did this on an Ironing board too instead of the bench. After a few attempts you can actually tell when the transfer has taken well, It sort of has an embossed look on the shiny side of the press-n-peel, Once you are at that point quench it under cold water & slowly remove the plastic backing & you should be right, I have had to touch up 1 or 2 small peices of track on some of the boards but this seems to be working alot better now since using the T-shirt, Higher temp on the iron & only for a minute or so, not 4-5 Minutes that were in the instructions.Cheers Glenn.

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