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LeoL Encoder decoder and Fsbus

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http://forums.avsim.com/dcboard.php?az=sho...g_id=2613&page= here is the topic in which LeoL shares with us his creation.With just a low-cost pic programmer (like JDM) and a free programming soft, we can all happily use the cheap (compared to Knitter) rotaries :)Now many of those who don't really are into electronics, may struggle for attaching it to FSBUS or Epic.Here is the solution:MAX4611 or MAX4616.Go to www.maxim-ic.com and insert just the number for part search (just 4611 or 4616, no leading "MAX").These are just 4 switches condensed in a small 14 pin dip package (just like the microcontrollers), on one side they are connected to the RD-PAN16F, on the other side they have the 2 contacts of a switch which just close on every snap the rotary does.With such a switch, you just connect it to FSBUS Key card or Epic equivalent, and happy turning :)

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