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Guest GeorgeDorkofikis

FSBUS V2.2 Bugs and fixes

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I though (again), that it would be a good idea to have one single thread with continuing problems or list of fixed problems for the new version of FSBUS.For starts I wish to thank Dirk once again for his work and time.1. Rotary Encoders + Redec. Fixed and works perfectly. Now you can connect 32 rotaries to a key PCB, each occupying 2bits. A lot of saved ports!2. Connected to the above, the x2 increase/decrease problem is fixed.3. Radio frequencies Mhz and Khz handling. This is confusing. I'm using 2 rotary encoders for each frequency. One for the Mhz (step in FSBUS 1000, Integer only checked), and one for the Khz (step in FSBUS 25, nothing checked). When I run FSBUS alone with the hardware I can change the Mhz value alone, say from 118.45 to 119.45 without loosing the decimal freq.BUT, when running FS, when I try the same thing the decimals are reset, 118.45 results to 119.00.So, only FSBUS running : 118.45 > 119.45 possible.FSBUS + FS running 118.45 > 119.00 (wrong).I don't know if the bug is in FSBUS or FSUIPC or FS itself! If it's FSBUS, I'm sure Dirk will nail it down. If it's FSUIPC then Peter may be able to fix it. But if it's MSFS... we can do nothing about it.4. Speed. When NOT running FS the speed changes normally. But when running FS, the speed changes eratically and very slowly. It may be an FSUIPC of FS bug. It occurs with all versions of FSBUS (including the old 1.3). Example. Changing from 000 to 005.The display will jump from and settle there. It seems that there is a big lag between the commanded change and FS update. Some clicks seem to be ignored.Again, this is only happening when FS is running and only for SPD.I have routed my rotary to the FS variable and the FSBUS display at the same time (meaning I direct the output to the display directly as well).5. The new CCC looks very nice and opens up new possibilities. An overhead was not in my initial plans... It IS now! :-)6. Sometimes there is a lag of about 40-50msec for the displays to get settled. Once again, only when FS is running, otherwise the change is instantaneous. This must be an FSUIPC problem and I noticed it onlyon FS2004. Not noticeable in FS2002 with the last freeware versionof FSUIPC (2.975).Feel free to add to the list.Regards,George DorkofikisAthens, Greece

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