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Dual Concentric Rotary Encoders using Panasonic "Open C...

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Well, after lurking for quite some time, I can finally provide something that might be useful for others. A previous posting mentioned the "center space" panasonic encoder, EVQ-1WF00210B, as a possible solution for the "dual concentric" encoder problem. I just received two from Digi-key, and they're great, however, as was previously pointed out, you only get a pulse every second detent (20 detent / 10 pulse). Well curiosity got the better of me in about two seconds, and in about 15 seconds I had the thing apart. Boy is this stuff clever. A total of three pieces, and no little pieces to go sproing! To turn this into a "detentless" encoder (my attachments follow the description below...)Pry back the 4 tabs on the back of the unit. Take the metal piece with the tabs off. Lift out the clear ring. The clear ring has detents that a metal spring attached on the back of the first metal part engages. Use a pair of needle nose pliers to take the "hump" out of this spring. Put the whole thing back together and re-crimp down the original four tabs. Give it a spin and see how it feels.Voila - a "detent-less" encoder. The detent part of the mechanism has nothing to do with the part that sends the pulses. You'll still get a very faint feel of the contacts inside. I did find I had to go back in a couple of times to get the shape of the spring just right. I'm sure someone more ambitious could go and "fill in" every other detent, and get a 10 detent 10 pulse encoder. Or perhaps put in a thin metal ring to cover the detents. I wouldn't remove the spring as it obviously also serves to ensure contact with the "finger followers". Slide your second encoder (I used panasonic eve-jbbf2020b) through the middle and you have your dual concentric rotary encoder. A loose fit, but nothing some epoxy won't cure. I'm successfully using these with the Betainnovations Plasma V2 board. I can't personally vouch for their compatability with other interface hardware, but I understand they're two bit grey code.It takes longer to describe it than it does to do it! Now, maybe "detentless" is not how you want to go (and I'd also honestly prefer more than 10 pulses per revolution) - but it's a solution I'm happy with, especially given how inexpensive these are. Naturally, I am not affiliated with Panasonic, Digikey or Betainnovations.Now, to find / make some knobs...

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