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PA A320

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anyone noticed that the laters PA A320 models are a bit underpowerd or maybe on the heavy side.i do have the original A320 in airbus colors and that one doesnt seem to have that problem.i downloaded the america west one thats here on avsim and for some reason it just acts like its underpowerd or heavy. my fuel i know was good so i know i wasnt overweight. i was well below it.but on the climb out it just had some major drag. i checked the spoilers and flaps. all were in order. during my climb it just started losing alot of speed. i was at 170 KIAS at FL180 when i shouldve been climbing at 300 KIAS.i was supposed to level out at FL370 but i made the decision to level out at FL330 because if i tried for 370 id be way below my cruise speed. normally i can do FL370 with other A320's but this one like i said is either underpowerd or the weights are wrong.anyone else have this problem with this particular model?

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