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Guest rmaan89

Emiratesva - Major Expansion

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Guest rmaan89

History:Emirates Virtual Airline was established in 2001 and gives the pilot the chance to fly with one of the best Airlines not only in the world but the Virtual World. Emirates airlines is one of the fastest growing airlines in the world and they recently placed the largest aircraft order in aviation history: $9 billion! Facilities:Our site was established in 2001 and although relatively new, we have 234 members. Just recently we have upgraded our site with a new look and new facilities. New staff members have also been added; our pilots are also now able to submit pireps using FS ACARS. Previously, before the new 'look' we had introduced a forum to the site. However, the forum is still there but with the release of the new site, there will be a lot more facilities to follow.There are major plans for the expansion of our site. We will be providing our pilots with a 'Flight Review' page, which will allow our pilots to add more detail to their pireps. We will also be adding an airport facility/directory page, which will allow pilots to look up information about any airport that our VA flys to. Also comming to the site will be a 'Chart Library', we will be providing our pilots with aeronautical charts of all the airports that our VA flys to; these charts have been suplied to us by the U.S Department of Defence (NIMA). One of the major improvements to our site will be a Pilots Operating Handbook/Airline Operating procedures manual which will be provided to all of our pilots and outline special procedures and rules and regulations that we wish our pilots to follow. Finally we will be adding a training program to our site. Our training program will be very professional and through and provide our pilots with more than the necessary information that is required to fly for Emiratesva.(At the moment of this writing, plans are also underway for a chat room, which would be an addition to the forum and enable pilots to communicate with one another on a more personal level).Our site is making the best effort to be as realistic and professional as we can. All staff members are working round the clock to get our new facilities/expansion to the site acomplished fairly quickly.As far as we know, we are the only VA that handles virtual cargo. Our site allows pilots to fly for 'Emirates Cargo', the cargo airline of Emirates. Pilots build up both virtual hours and cargo when flying for Emirates. (i.e Number of Hours Logged and Amount of Cargo transported). As pilots earn more hours and transport more cargo, they earn ranks: Trainee Pilot, Junior Officer, Senior Officer, Captain, Senior Captain and Emirates Elite Pilot.We also provide our pilots with a lounge, where they can read latest headlines, visit our new archive, submit and view pictures, access the forums, download files from our file archive and submmit pireps.If you are looking to join a Virtual Airline we strongly suggest that you consider Emirates Virtual as a potential airline to fly for. Membership is free and you will get the chance to fly for an airline which is determined to succedd and we are continually expanding and imporving our services and facilities.'Be good to yourself, Fly Emirates'Website Address is: www.emiratesva.comArman Motiwallawww.emiratesva.com

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