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Livewire Airlines

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Guest Hoot58

Virtual Airlines are sort of like rain drops.......many rain drops fall, but very few pudded up to make a pool of water. If you look at all the Virtual Airlines there are lots of little rain drops, a few pools of water, a stream here and there, and some lakes, but very few oceans, my friends. Where is this heading you say?Hi my Name is Russ Hooten, SR Captain and KPHX HUB Manager for Livewire Airlines. Livewire is one of the oceans in the virtual airline world. I want you to know just how great my Airline is, myself and many other pilots who fly, and work for Livewire think it is, "Not just a Virtual Airline but the Virtual Airline"Livewire Airlines is a VA like no other. Born at the end of 2000, we have grown to be one of the largest and most popular virtual airlines to exist on the internet today. Beginning with a small hub in Westchester, NY, it wasn't long before we were able to expand to cover much of the Eastern US and introduce our first international flights. After we began service across the big pond we took the next step and opened the European division of the airline, EuroLivewire. By the end of the first year we were well established with hubs all across the US and a dozen in key cities through Europe. Now, it was time to conquer Asia and Australia thus bringing LivewireExpress in the world. Once all three airlines were well established we set our eyes on the remaining land mass still untapped by Livewire.....South America. Just a year and a half after our first flight, the opening of AeroLivewire offically made us a world-wide airline.Today, pilots can choose from thousands of flights with aircraft ranging from small single prop Cessnas to the giants of the sky, like the Boeing 747 and even the still fictional Airbus A380. Even after your flight, Livewire Airlines still has more to offer with a wide variety of forums, multi-player server, live air traffic control, virtual financial opportunities and much more. So, if you're looking for a place to call home with the friendliest group of pilots on the net then you've come to the right place. On behalf of the Preisdent of Livewire, and all the pilots who have come to call Livewire Airlines home, let us ask you to come and visit our Airline. We believe that if you spend a few minutes with us you will stay with us. Livewire as much to offer to the Virtual Pilot, come and see what we can offer you. Thank you for reading this post. When you come please enter the Pilots Forum, and tell us you read about Livewire on AVSIM.Russ Hooten (Hoot) LA-1313Sr. CaptainLivewire Airlineshttp://www.livewireairlines.com

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