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Guest pookie

Skiair Monthly - November 2003

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Guest pookie

November 2003These are exciting times for Skiair. The company opened its doors less than one month ago and already we've achieved so much. We have:- 11 pilots, half of whom come to us with former VA experience.- Flown over 16 hours combined.- Given two promotions, to the same pilot (SA007 Andrew Leu).- Increased our VASX share price to V$15.70 from it's IPO of V$10.75.- Added a Beechcraft Queen Air for our new VIP service.- 6 exciting screenshots.- 2 Skiair spotlights.As Skiair continues to grow, I foresee the company also gaining popularity. With the ski season almost underway here in Colorado, flights to the Rockies will begin to sell out. Not only do we offer regularily scheduled service to 4 of the most exciting ski destinations in Colorado, but we also offer VIP service to anyone, anywhere they want to go. This new service will certainly keep our pilots' skills sharp as our clients will be requesting anything from our normal destinations to extended, multi-day itineraries to remote airfields in the Rockies. On behalf of the entire Skair team, I would like to personally thank each and every Skiair pilot for making our first month such a success.Let it snow,Chris KleinPresidentSkiairwww.pookiedom.com/skiair

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