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Air Fresno plans for it's reopening

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Guest airfresno

November 20, 2003 - With a switch from America OnLine to the new home at Earthlink, Air Fresno has taken it's first step at returning to operations for the first time since early 2000. Over the last 3 years several attempts at getting the trend setting regional virtual airline have resulted in disappointment and set backs. But in early 2003 a newly determined Peter McKay set forth a plan to have the airline back in the air within twelve months.The fleet was the first item developed, with a variety of short and medium ranged jets and a single type of commuter aircraft being painted. The new livery is based on a successful livery of the past, and Alexander Richardson was pressed into service to bring his considerable talents to bear on the project. All of the aircraft are formatted for Microsofts Flight Simulator 2002 and have numerous animated features.The route and schedule was carefully plotted next, using many of the old routes from previous versions of the airline. Still wanting to be a regional server Air Fresno kept it's interests in the western U.S., but added charter operations to satisfy the need for longer flights. The entire airline can be run with as few as twenty-five pilots, flying regularly. "Of course the more pilots we have the better, but we're not predicting a roster of hundreds, nor do we really want to be that large" McKay says.Several attempts at gaining a web page however kept setting the airline back, and in July the final blow was delt and the project set on the back burner. But even on that back burner it continued to simmer until in early November 2003 plans to move from AOL were put into effect and the changes made. While not as high tech as some airlines Air Fresno has always been and will continue to be a "hands-on" airline, where automation is not needed. "The personal touch is what's missing from the big conglomerates, Air Fresno is a very up close and personal airline, it always has been". What the web page will have is a bit of flash, some interesting effects and lots of images. The completed site has been posted at http://home.earthlink.net/~airfresno/.While no opening date has been set it is entire possible that the airline could be recording flights as soon as early January. Cargo operations have also been planned, with research continuing operations may begin as soon as mid February.

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