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Guest lewislynch

Sky Travel Alliance update

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Guest lewislynch

The Sky Travel Alliance launched in May 2003, and since then it has experienced massive expansion. We currently have four virtual airlines, with an additional three being launched early 2004. The STA is a professional alliance, aiming to set realism and high standards for our pilots. We have a large management team, who work hard to provide our pilots with an excellent VA experience.The current VA's we have are:Air Lynch, operates a fleet of 757/767's and A330's from the UK on charter services, around the world. A recent order has been placed for a delivery of A320/321 aircraft, which will replace the Boeing fleet. EuroLink is our British regional airline, flying BAe 146-300's from Gatwick and Southampton to many destinations. We are currently negotiating a deal for a 737-300 which will fly some of the more popular routes. Excel Virtual is based on the real world airline, Excel. We operate a fleet of 737, 757, 767's from our main Gatwick and Manchester hubs, to destinations mainly in Europe. However, following the delivery of our 767-300, we are now flying longhauls to Grenada, St Kitts etc.Excelsior Virtual is our Australian VA, flying 737NG's and A330's from Syndey to many destinations. Launched on 17th November, Excelsior has been a great success! Well thats the overview of our current VA's. But the following are launching 2004.Air Canary - a Canarian Airbus operator flying worldwide.Sola Express - will operate DHC8-Q400's and CRJ200's on Spanish regional services.Aero Praha (Praha Aerolinka) will be based in the Czech Republic, operating 757's.The STA is a global alliance, aiming to be the next best thing to reality. If you are interested in becoming a pilot, or manager for us please visit http://skytravelalliance.cjb.net Thanks.

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