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Code Share and VA Partners

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Guest airfresno

Air Fresno, AFI Cargo and MECA are ramping up for their Grand Openings just after the first of the year, and we're actively seeking code share partners and supporting airlines to exchange posted links on our web page. Each participating airline would be required to post a small supplied Air Fresno banner (maximum of 300 pix)on the main page or dedicated link page of their airlines web site in eachange for the same from Air Fresno. The banner would link to Air Fresno, and the hosted banner would link back to your VA. This would help get the word out to more people about your airline in exchange for doing the same for us. There are a few provisions:*No "Real World" airlines, only airlines of original designs that do not mimmic or copy other real world airlines, airline liveries or route schedules. Regional airlines prefered.*The VA MUST have been in existance for 3 months or longer, no fly by night operations or revolving door VA's.*Of course it helps if you have a decent page, lots of color or images or multi media would be best. Domain hosting not required.Air Fresno would also submit to any "reasonable expectations" of the hosting VA regarding it's website so long as it does not compromise the originality of the VA. We welcome reviews and constructive suggestions, outright slamming will generally be ignored.Each airline will remain soverign, Air Fresno will not in any way attempt to dictate hosted airline policy or procedure.For those interested you may activly respond off of the Air Fresno web page at http://home.earthlink.net/~airfresno/

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