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United States Virtual Air Corps - Press Release (CDR 04-001)

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04-001 / 8 December 2004MEMORANDUM FOR SEE DISTRIBUTIONSUBJECT: FY 04 Force Structure Plan; Press ReleaseThe United States Virtual Air Corps will implement its new Force Structure Plan on Monday, 8 December 2003. The new plan renders the Total Force Reduction Plan of 2003 void. Past Force Structure Plans were designed to be highly dynamic to allow for growth of the new organization. The 2004 plan was written with more rigidity in mind. Brig. General Paul Gilreath , USVAC PERSCOM Commander, says that this new plan gives the organization a clear picture for the future. "We have a much better understanding of our worldwide mission, and the number of personnel required to complete that mission," Gilreath said.The new plan calls for 172 members by 1 December 2004. These troops will be assigned to 25 squadrons stationed at no less than three air bases in the continental United States. While this is a lofty goal for any virtual airline, Deputy Chief of Staff Alvin Isbell feels that it is a goal that will be recognized. "As a Lt. General, and a founding member of the USVAC, I have seen high growth numbers over the years," Isbell said. "Over 13,000 hits to our website gives a sense of pride and high hopes, he added.If anyone is interested in joining the USVAC, the web address is www.geocities.com/usvac. Positions that need to be filled include pilots (from F-16's to transport planes to helicopters), logistics and operations personnel, and squadron/group commanders. Non-aviators are highly encouraged to join as well.Patty KegleyMG, Operations OfficerHQ USVACDistribution:All USVAC PersonnelAll applicable news outlets

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