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Delta Regional Pilot Project

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Guest ba43

The Delta Regional Pilot Project is close to becoming a reality. After getting permission from the staff at Project Opensky.com to host official CRJ POSKY repaints in various Delta Airline carriers, we are well on our way.You can expect to see some new POSKY CRJ repaints to come from this project as well. We have a nice "Wish" list of POSKY CRJ's coming and we are always looking for talented painters to add to our staff. Anyone that can paint the POSKY CRJ model is welcome to take on an aircraft or two that will help add to the fleet. Look for the "Texas Blue Bonnet's" and "Atlanta Skyline" special liveries for ASA soon. Comair has several special liveries that have yet to be done in the POSKY model. We are planning on getting those done soon. Plus several special liveries for SkyWest as well.You can have a look around our website to get an idea of where this project is going in the future. Be advised, the site is still under construction so pardon our dust. Some existing aircraft have not been added for download yet, but thanks to the staff at POSKY, they will be soon.We are accepting pilot applications at this time and you can join up if you'd like to have a go at a different kind of Virtual Airline.The Delta Regional Pilot Project will be based on the POSKY CRJ and that is what we intend to highlight. You wont be burdened with any training, hours needed to move to a new aircraft, etc. This project won't use those kinds of principles. This project hopes to become a place that makes being part of a virtual airline fun.Look for our custom flights section that will put the flight sim pilot in different situations and will highlight the fleet of special liveried POSKY repaints The flight sim pilot will fly from locations all across North America and the USA in the fabulous Project Opensky CRJ-100, -200, -600, -700 and -900.We hope you like what you see and we appreciate any feedback, suggestions, etc. http://home.earthlink.net/~ba43Thanks and happy flying.Brad AllenCEO and PresidentDelta Regional Pilot Projecthttp://home.earthlink.net/~ba43

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