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Guest adam_stanger

Adam Stanger and Erick Cantu Bring You: del Sol

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Guest adam_stanger

VA veteran Adam Stanger and legendary aircraft designer Erick Cantu are proud to announce their newest venture: del Sol.Purpose:Today when you hear a virtual airline talk of "realism", they are more likely to be refering to deep pockets and flashy web design than their actual operations. del Sol is an experiment in operational reality. We are starting out small - five used 737-200's serving four cities, Albuquerque, El Paso, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. Growth will come gradually, as it does in the real world.Opportunity:Instead of becoming a number in a giant organization, you have the chance to enter at the ground floor and become an integral part of something with true history. Flying our tight schedules and old aircraft will teach you virtual piloting skills you could never get somewhere else. This is a great opportunity to any pilots out there who are tired of being one in a thousand others. And if flying is only half the fun for you, we have plenty of management spots to be filled as well.Operations:del Sol is a low-fare airline offering frequent flights between fourSouthwestern cities. The 737 is our one and only choice for aircraft. Many low-fare VA's try to make it to the top by flying multiple types of aircraft. They forgot three very important real-world lessons: PeoplExpress, PSA, and Air Florida. These low-fare airlines tried to utilize larger and larger aircraft, and it eventually led to their downfall. In fact, a quick look at the airline industry right now shows that airlines with many types of aircraft are losing far more money than the airlines with simpler operations. And for those pilots who think the 737 is a "trainer",Erick and I have spent hours and hours designing, testing, and refining these airplanes. There is nothing simple about them. Flying a 737-200 on a hectic schedule is much more challenging than a 747.Experience:Since del Sol is run by several people who have been in this hobby since FS98 and before, you can expect dedication and excellence. del Sol won't disappear.We invite you to come see for yourself at http://www.flightsimnetwork.com/sunchaser.Sincerely,Adam D. Stanger, Pres.&Erick Cantu, VP - Operationshttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/64157.jpg

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