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News about Thomas Cook Virtual Airlines Belgium

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Dear all,Recently, a lot of changes have been made to Thomas Cook Virtual Airlines Belgium. Here's the overview:1. New aircraft models and repaintsSince a few weeks now, Thomas Cook Virtual Airlines Belgium has uploaded some new and reviewed repaints of its A320-fleet AND also 1 additional B757 has been added.For the A320-fleet our main freeware product is the model from iFDG. Aircaft repainted are:- OO-TCB : classical paint- OO-TCC : with Volvo-sticker- OO-TCF : with grey engine part- OO-TCH : classic paint- OO-TCI : Easter paint- OO-TCJ : classic paintProject Airbus models are still available for FS2002 and FS2004 being:- OO-TCB (both FS versions)- OO-TCC (both FS versions)- OO-TCF (only FS2002)- OO-TCH (both FS versions)PSS (for FS2002 and/or FS2004):- OO-TCB- OO-TCC- OO-TCF- OO-TCH (also specifically for FS2004)To make al of these repaints work in FS2004 read several posts in our Forum (linked in the menu on the website)Pilot in Command (PIC):- OO-TCB- OO-TCC- OO-TCF- OO-TCHThanks to Sebastien Belluteau and Alex Johanssen for some default textures from Textures Upgrade Pack.http://djsebx.free.fr/index-free.htm .2. New PIREP systemThomas Cook Virtual Airlines Belgium is introducing a new AND automated pirep and ranking system. The new system is completely developed within the own company and is exclusively copyrighted for Thomas Cook Virtual Airlines Belgium. We've been working on the system for several weeks and it is finally completed now. Flight reports will be handled automatically, there is a personal logbook, information on the departure and destination airport etc.We also introduce a new ranking system, the old ranks will dissapear and new, more realistic ranks will come in place. From now, we will have 2 career modes:1. Airbus A320 pilot-First Officer-Senior Flight Officer-Captain2. Boeing 757 pilot-First Officer-Senior Flight Officer-CaptainClimbing in rank is no longer related to the flown hours. When you pass a certain required number of hours you can perform a checkride. When you pass the checkride, you will be promoted. (This means you can stay a FO as long as you want). The checkrides are MSFS flight video's of a certain given flight which you will have to send to us. But as this feature is not operational yet, more about this matter later... We are still developping this procedure and will inform you as soon as possible about it. This system will bring a great improvement to our VA, both in realism and operations.Very special and new also is the Personal Area. On these pages you can change your profile the way you like it, you can have a look at your last flown flights AND there also is the logbook! Check it out, comments are welcome!Our website:http://www.thomascookva.be.tf/More information:info@thomascookva.be.tfkind regardsNico De FreynThomas Cook Virtual Airlines Belgiumndefreyn@thomascookva.be.tf

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