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Air Fresno to recognise MilSim VA hours.

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In light of all the recent developments in Iraq and in other theatres of conflict around the world that it will recognise the hours flown by any of it's members of any miliraty based virtual airline provided those hours are posted on the milsims website and that they do not exceed the hours flown for Air Fresno by 50%. What does that mean? It means if you fly 12 hours with Air Fresno and half of that total (6 hours) flown for your milsim VA that are posted in that same period will be applied to the Air Fresno roster. It's our way of recognising what essentially would be a "virtual National Guard". Air Fresno will also credit any new pilots with 50% of their hours from any established milsim VA when joining Air Fresno, the hours will be added after 30 days consecutive active service with Air Fresno Regional Virtual Airlines.Peter McKay, PresidentAir Fresno Regional Virtual Airlineshttp://home.earthlink.net/~airfresno/

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