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American Virtual Airlines CAT Ratings Change

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Guest avapr

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 8, 2004: From the desk of Craig Moulton, AvA CEO:It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce that our CAT Ratings System has been changed, and most everyone will benefit from this change. All new members of American Virtual Airlines, with no prior VA experience, will now start their virtual career at AvA flying the Fokker F100, McDonnell Douglas MD-80/83, and the Boeing 737-800. In the past, new members with no prior VA experience were required to fly American Eagle aircraft until they reached the 100 hour mark. We have revised the CAT Rating System to get new pilots in American Airlines aircraft immediately, and all AvA pilots flying the bigger jets quicker. The CAT Rating System changes are as follows: CAT I - Deleted CAT II - Deleted CAT III - 0-149.9 Hours CAT IV - 150-399.9 Hours CAT V - 400-899.9 Hours CAT VI - 900+ Hours Aircraft CAT's remain the same for CAT III-CAT VI, and any pilot still wishing to fly American Eagle Flights are still welcome, and in fact are urged to do so. American Virtual Airlines (AvA) was founded in 2001 and became the first Virtual Airline to be affiliated with VATSIM. Today, American Virtual Airlines has over 300 pilots who fly out of our 9 United States-based Hubs exclusively on the VATSIM Network. If you are looking for a Virtual Airline that is highly professional, extremely progressive, and totally fun to be a part of, look at American Virtual Airlines located at www.joinava.org. We are proud to be AMERICAN!Sincerely, Craig MoultonAAL200CEO American Virtual Airlineshttp://joinava.org/ Gary PriceAAL600Public Relations ManagerAmerican Virtual Airlineshttp://joinava.org/

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