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Guest RaceRunner Ray


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Guest RaceRunner Ray

Battle of the Airlines 2004 - A Bootleggers Guide to Africa, is now accepting pilot registrations for this year's race! All you need to do, is visit the site below:http://bota.airpacifica.orgOnce there, you'll find the "official race calendar", telling you what to expect with regards to this year's race, AND the registration pages. You have two options to register:(1) Freelance Pilot - those of you who are not wanting to be affiliated to any Virtual Organization or VA, can elect to participate in this year's race as a Freelance Pilot. You'll be eligible for the overall individual rankings, trophies and prizes, but will not have your score associated with any team.(2) Virtual Organization Race Team - those of you who are wanting to complete for both the individual and Team trophies, can elect to enter a team of pilots (minimum 6, no maximum), whose combined best 6 scores in each stage will be used to calculate your overall team ranking. If you wish to register a team, you must elect someone to be the official Liaison Officer for your team. This person will be responsible for registering all members of the team, and communicating changes with BOTA Org staff. The Liaison Officer does not have to be a pilot in the race, but is eligible to race if they so choose.If you have further questions or comments regarding race registration, please direct them to the Technical Support area of our Forums.Thank you - and see you race day - September 20th, 2004 !!!

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