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Guest Cypres01

Volga-Dnepr/Antonov Design Bureau VA, WE DARE YOU TO HI...

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Guest Cypres01

Gents, Dont have your own Cargo Division but want the added realsim?Want more aircraft at your VA Fly-In nights?Want your VA Advertised on the VATSIM network while your Asleep?Want to stand out from the Boeing/Airbus ho-hum-everwhere crowd?We can go where 747-400's cant WITH MORE!We ARE VSOA approved for STRATEGIC AIRLIFT for military exercises!We DARE YOU TO CONTACT US and use our services!www.myva-airfreightnet.net Volga-Dnepr Virtual (VDV) is a 'Virtual Airline' specialising in heavy-lift airfreight and chartered cargo operations for other virtual airlines operating on the VATSIM network. Utilising the combined resources of the Antonov Virtual Design Bureau and Volga-Dnepr Airlines, we are the largest virtual operator of ex-soviet transport aircraft. AN225 / AN124-100 and 100M / IL-76TD and AN12B, we are the TOTAL GLOBAL LOGISTICS/STRATEGIC AIRLIFT SOLUTION!We provide a unique service, using equally unique freight aircraft that regularly generate interest and discussion around the world with air traffic controllers and competition carrier's pilots alike. Our aim is to carry your freight and advertise your VA while we do it! All our pilots START with over 500+ hours online with Vatsim and they ONLY FLY ONLINE with us !!We currently have 'virtual' contracts with organisations such as the Australian Virtual Defence Force, and smaller passenger virtual airlines that do not have their own dedicated logistics division.If you currently hold a management position within a virtual airline, and would like to receive an information pack on what VDV can do for you, then contact our Logistics Support Division mywrxtcy@hotmail.com WE DARE All VA CEO's to contact us!!RUSSIAN HEAVY METAL COMMING TO AN AIRFIELD NEAR YOU!! William Evertonmywrxtcy@hotmail.comwww.myva-airfreightnet.netHead of Logistics DivisonVolga-Dnepr/Antonov Design Bureau VirtualAbakan, Russian FederationICAO: UNAA IATA: ABA

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