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Virtual Continental Airlines - Management Vacancy

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Greetings fellow flight Sim Enthusiasts.Virtual Continental Airlines ("VCA"), at www.vcair.com, has an immediate job opening on our Management Team. We are looking for a Public Relations Director. First a bit about our VA:VCA began its operations Last Year (October 1, 2003) as one of the only VA's to operate 100% on the VATSIM Network. Our reasons for the 100% Vatsim operations were simple. Realistic ATC, top-notch pilots and a Great Events participation. I along with three other former American Virtual (AVA) staff members saw something missing not only in the 100% Vatsim niche but also a good Continental VA with a strong VATSIM presence. Thus VCA was born. Since our first day of operations, we have quickly become a major contender on the VATSIM network bringing some of the best pilots to all the Major Events. VCA has been recognized by almost all ARTCC's as a VA that will show up with good numbers during events, which has brought us invitations to all major VATSIM events, most recently Chicago's "The Majors" event held last Sunday.The driving force behind VCA is a strong community of good sim aviators with weekly group flights (Friday evenings) and monthly "Major" events. Our forum is a very active place with daily posts, questions and answers to any question you can imagine. The management staff is flexible and accommodating and always respond to our pilots questions without delay. We've managed to accomplish all this with a VA which is 10 times smaller than most of the other "Major" VA's such as American Virtual, United Virtual, Delta Virtual, etc... During Major events we manage to bring as many pilots to the table as these much larger VA's for the simple reason that every single pilot on our roster is a VATSIM flyer already.Come check us out if you are interested in a fun, VATSIM oriented VA and if you are interested in the Public Relations position please read the requirements below to be considered:Public Relations and Marketing Director ("PRM")The PRM plays a vital role at Virtual Continental Airlines. Public Relations is the discipline which looks after reputation, with the aim of earning understanding and support and influencing opinion and behavior. It is the planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between Virtual Continental Airlines and its publics.It is the job of our PRM to use all forms of media and communication to build, maintain and manage the reputation of our VA, analyze problems and opportunities, defining goals, liaising with management and pilots (whether internal or external), answering inquiries from potential new hires...other VA's...and other Flightsim oriented site reps. This job requires the ability to work and communicate effectively with others, set goals and objectives, plan, organize and co-ordinate tasks and research into public opinion. Specifics:

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