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Cessna A-37B Dragonfly or T-37 Tweet

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Sorry for duplicating this post from screenies forum but maybe it is more suitable here anyway.We're looking for a link to a download on a Cessna A37B or T37 (?C37)Tweetie Bird or even RCAF Tutor or a Strikemaster.Any ideas?If not, anyone fancy trying a Gmax version?Amazing topical, yet historical aircraft.Legend1 Member since Sep-25-021 posts Sep-25-02, 05:27 AM (EDT) 3. "RE: Anyone know if there is a freeware one of these..."In response to message #2 Good one Aaron, you too Todd.Been looking for one like that this week too!Posted on Netwings Ace and MS screenies for it but no luck yet.Have a couple for adventure flights here at our local field and want to practice first.Maybe a RCAF Tutor or a USAF Strikemaster might come close.Here's some specs and background on them...the Cessna A37B FAC version used in Vietnam.Cessna A-37 Dragonfly Origin: USA Type: light attack and reconnaissance aircraft Max Speed: 440 kt / 507 mph Max Range 740 km / 460 miles Dimensions: span 10.93 m / 35 ft 10.3 inlength 8.62 m / 28 ft 3.4 inheight 2.70 m / 8 ft 10.3 in Weight: empty 2,817 kg / 6,211 lbmaximum take-off 6,350 kg / 14,000 lb Powerplant: two 1293-kg (2,850-lb) dry thrust General Electric J85-GE-17A turbojets Armament: one 7.62-mm (0.3-in) GAU-2 Minigun six-barrel machine-gun, and provision for more than 2268 kg (5,000 lb) of bombs, rocket-launcher pods, gun pods and other tactical stores on eight underwing hardpoints Operators: Bangladesh (T-37), Chile (T-37), Colombia (T-37), Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Germany (T-37), Greece (T-37), Guatemala, Honduras, Pakistan (T-37), Peru, South Korea (T-37), South Korea, Thailand (T-37), Thailand, Turkey (T-37), United States (T-37), Uruguay --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Line Drawing Cessna A37B DragonflyVH-XVA Military S/N: 68-10779 VH-DLO Military S/N: 68-10805HistoryThe Museum

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