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WinXP and SpeechBuddy

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Apologies gents for the hassles with the SpeechBuddy installer and WindowsXP.I'm using InstallShield (ships with Borland's Delphi 6 Enterprise). I had the installer configured to support Win98, WinME and all versions of WinNT, Win2000 and up. Unfortunately, the installer does not recognise WinXP as a WinNT and later operating system. As I'm not running WinXP, I dug myself a hole with that one.Anyway, I have removed all restrictions from the installer ito checking if the platform meets the minimum SAPI5 requirements. This should fix the problem. "Should" as I can not test it. No WinXP as I mentioned (hey, Win98/WinME is still the best gaming platform IMO ;-)).I have submitted Release 2 of SpeechBuddy v2.0 to Avsim. It should be available for download as soon as it clears the library manager's desk.There are no changes to SpeechBuddy itself. There is a stupid bug though with the "Speech Engine|Training" option. I have fixed this for version 2.1. In the meantime, use the SPEECH applet in CONTROL PANEL to access the Speech Profile Training feature. Am busy with adding X-Plane support and doing crew briefings for FS2002. A patch/upgrade to v2.1 will be available in the next week or so and will also include the latest suppport/config files for FS2002 and X-Plane (and BAO Tower).Any other bugs/problems/changes/suggestions/whatever - please let me known and I will see what I can do to get it fixed/added and released with the patch. (I prefer SpeechBuddy2 issues be raised direct with me at my e-mail address please - it's very difficult for me to keep tabs on web forums)Again, apologies over the installer screwup. I must make a plan and get WinXP installed...regards,Billy

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