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GF4 TI4600 Owners, read it and weep

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I'm not sure you should be hurting so bad.I won't take away anything from the Radeon, except I had an original Radeon. I now have a MSI G-froce 4 Ti4200 128 meg (your's is better!) and I found the compatibilty and lack of having to tweak the crud out of my new card refreshing. I know ATI resolved much of the fogging and compatibility issues with the newer Radeon's, but after a couple of years (maybe a little less) with the Radeon I had, I really like the G-force better.You might want to check into compatibility befor you "dump" the G-force.Just my opinion.Jim

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Share on other sites You have an 80% chance.The 9500 is just a 9700 with a lower clock speed. May be some advance features left off that you wouldn't need now anyway. Drivers are good and ATI support is good. Go to and really read before you buy. There are certain combinations of hardware that the ATI cards just don't like. So, ask, do your research, and make an informed decision.

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