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Expanding the radius where best textures are rendered

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The battle to extend the distance at which the highest texture quality used by the sim continues.P III 450, Win98, 256 MB RAM, GF4 Ti4600, Detonator 40.72, Riva Tuner RC-12, DirectX 8.2Until one week ago my computer rendered the highest quality textures out to 15-18 miles all directions. When I say highest quality I mean the sharpest the sim itself is designed to render. Now, highest quality is restricted to a 3 mile radius of aircraft, best case. Third post on topic.The problem began while I was still using a GF3 Ti500, 22.80 drivers, and NVMax. That card failed, cooling fan. Now, same problem continues with the system described above.I have tweaked the TERRAIN section extensively. Though these three values can be edited by hand in the FS2002.CFG file:TERRAIN_DEFAULT_RADIUS, TERRAIN_EXTENDED_RADIUS, TERRAIN_EXTENDED_LEVELSThe only real dog in the fight is the TERRAIN_DEFAULT_RADIUS.As others have posted, the values below are the maximum that I have found that have an effect.TERRAIN_DEFAULT_RADIUS=9.900000TERRAIN_EXTENDED_RADIUS=9.900000TERRAIN_EXTENDED_LEVELS=1And trust me, I have individually set each of these much higher.Texture Quality in the sim is set at its highest setting. In flight, the fantastic textures are currenty clearly visible directly below the aircraft. Then they quickly transition to medium quality.Because I have seen this computer render the same high quality textures seen below the aircraft in flight out to a distance of say 15-18 milest, which is what you would expect on a clear, high vis day, the Box is capable of it. Something internal to the Flight Sim program, or from processor to AGP, or harddrive to processort has changed, restricting the pipeline. In addition to the tweaking described above:- I've done a complete reinstall. - Since then I have removed the FS2002.CFG file several times and let the sim rewrite it. - I've removed add-on scenery in order to eliminate the potential that a corrupt file was the source problem- I have removed the Scenery.DAT file several times so that the sim would rewrite it.Take your best shot. I've been swinging for 9 days at this one.Rick

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