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Hi,Firstly thanks for the update to cure the metar problem with NOAA. I like the program, which I've had for less than 24 hrs, as I write this note.With regards to the voice transmissions, given that many airfields have an ATIS broadcast I would like to suggest a change to the 122.00 broadcast.Is it possible to make it like a VOLMET broadcast. In europe these are a collection of airfields in the area but it doesnt include the alpha code in the transmission. IE "This is London Volmet south, London Heathrow at 0120 020 degrees six knots ------ QNH 1019.London Gatwick at 0120 060 degrees ten knots ------- QNH 1018.etc etc.If you can design the program so that is reads the airfields put into the briefing so it repeats there metars I think it would be a very useful tool for the flight simmers.I know thats a lot to ask and as I say its no more than a request.(Gets off soapbox, bows to crowd and exits stage left)Cheers Ron

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