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Guest steku

Request for change of Flightwatch implementation

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Guest steku

When I tune to 122.00 I can hear voice Flightwatch weather message. And this is nice.But the message continues to the end even if I tune my radio to another frequency (or chaage from COM 2 to COM1). It's not realistic. If I change to antoher frequency while Flightweatch is still played I'm hearing Flightwatch and FS ATC simultaneously which is hard to understand to non native English speaker. So I have to wait to the end of Flightwatch message. But when I wait too long the Flightwatch message is played again and I again have to wait to the end of it.It's not a big issue, but correcting this will move the realism of Fligthwatch to higher level.P.S.Thanks for correcting aloft temperatures display in Polish system!P.P.S.Did you ever consider built in waeather map in AS? It will be great help for flight planning!

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